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Never try to trap a cat :D

The cat’s body structure causes the cat to get into a narrow space such as a basket.

(1) Cats have 290 bones, 84 more than humans. Cats have 13 thoracic vertebrae, one more than humans; there are also 13 ribs connected to the thoracic vertebrae, which are also one more than humans; and Cats have 7 lumbar vertebrae, two more than humans. Moreover, these bones are relatively small and the joints are relatively soft. For example, the intervertebral discs between the cat's back bones and the ligaments connecting the bones to the bones are very flexible, so they can "flow everywhere" freely like liquid.

(2) Cats are completely carnivorous animals, their intestines are relatively short, and the need for spine as internal organ support is not so high, so it is more flexible. Therefore, the cat can achieve a bow-shaped body, as if the body can contract freely.

(3) The cat's skin stretches very well. Especially the skin between the abdomen and the hind legs is very loose, so cats can stretch their limbs greatly when fighting, running and jumping fast. If the skin is too tight, the limbs cannot be stretched, and forcible stretching can also strain the skin.

Therefore, smart cats will unlock the cage by themselves or sneak out quietly. At this time, with Pumpkii's mobile monitoring function, you can check the cat's status at any time!

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