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World Kindness Day, also care about cats

The 13th of November has been observed as World Kindness Day for the last twenty years. The idea of an international group of non-governmental organizations, World Kindness Day intends to encourage kindness between individuals and countries.

To celebrate this idea, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ways you can be kind to your cat. From how to stroke in an acceptable fashion, through food and drink, and ending up with spending quality time with your fur baby as you play.

Cats repay kindness with their love and affection, keeping our laps warm on cold winter days and purring their gratitude. Other than spending time with your cat, the best way you can show kindness is with a warm spot for them to sleep. Whether it’s a cushion on a warm windowsill or a self-heating cat bed, your fur baby will be eternally grateful.

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