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Things We Can Learn from Our Cats

-Aim High

Cats have an uncanny ability to jump to places that look impossible to reach. First, they take a good long look at where they want to be. Next, they survey the distance and landing area. Third, they focus and finally, they jump.

-Know and Love Who Feeds You

Make no mistake: cats know who feeds them.

We humans often take the ones who care for us most for granted. Appreciate people in your life who love you, care for you, nurture you and, yes, feed you.

-Perk up Your Ears and Listen

Cats are always aware of what’s going on. When they stop and stare into the distance, they’re listening. When they nap, they are still alert to their surroundings.

-Be Nimble

Cats have a way of getting themselves in and out of situations quickly. This serves them well. Human life is all about trial and error and evolution. Today’s world requires us to be proactive but also flexible and reactive.

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