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Pumpkii Helps Welcome New Cats Home!

Pumpkii can be a great toy for your existing cats, but can also be the perfect best friend to help welcome a new cat into your home!

My good friend was moving and had to get rid of her cat, I was happy to adopt the kitty but didn't realize how hard it can be to introduce a cat to a new home. I already have a cat at home but this 3-month-old kitty was very nervous and didn't feel very welcomed even though we brought his old toys, beds, and blankets over.

I scored a Pumpkii online to keep an eye on the two cats when I leave for work to make sure they aren't getting into any trouble. After a month of driving around Pumpkii, playing with them, and dispensing treats, they have become such good friends and warmed up to each other. They come running when they hear Pumpkii turn on and start play fighting and sharing treats!

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