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How many cats do you have?

After a lot of people have a cat, they plan to raise a few more cats for fear of loneliness. In fact, the number of cats is not the pursuit of the better, how to provide a comfortable living environment for cats is more important.

First of all, most families choose to raise a cat at the beginning, because it is a transitional stage for both the cat and themselves. Cats are solitary animals, they like to be alone. If two unfamiliar cats live together in the early stage, they may be injured. The economic burden of a cat is relatively low. But at the same time, the number of cats raised is also related to the pace of life of the owner. If the owner is away from home on business trips for a long time, the cat will often feel lonely and will have symptoms of anorexia and depression to a great extent, so it is recommended to have one more cat to accompany. Two cats can often accompany each other and ease the degree of loneliness. Of course, owning a Pumpkii can also solve this concern. Long-distance companionship will often make each other more at ease.

So how many cats do you want to raise?

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