In order to prevent humans from working, cats actually...

Every human being has the same doubt:
"A cat with a cold personality,
Why do you always like to spoil us when we are immersed in work? "

The main reason is:
1. Want to attract human attention and play with it
2. Curious about what humans are doing
3. Humans are actually boring


I just stare at you like this
Is work or me more important?


Stop typing on the keyboard,
Is it good to have me?



Let go of that mouse
let me!


Just know editing video,
How long have you not cut my nails?


Come play with me,
Is work more fun than me?


Your PPT did a good job
But not as good as the back of my head!


This host is dazzling
Where is the shutdown button?


Are you busy?
Need to sleep

In fact
Cats often heal our loneliness,
We should take their loneliness seriously.


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