Pumpkii: Never Alone With Pumpkii

The beginning of 2020
On the eve of the new year's Eve, the worries brought by the sudden COVID-19 epidemic replaced the street silence.
We rarely have time for our family and pets.
We spent dozens of days together.
And reduce the guilt of being busy with their work and neglecting to accompany them.
The epidemic will pass, life has to go on,
Pets who have been away for a long time.
Is suffering from pet separation anxiety.
That's the worry.
Jiang Xinlian, founder of Shenzhen Bangqi Technology Co., Ltd
This team creates a new pet companion robot.



The origin of pumpkii?
Sound like pumpkin
The size of pumpkii is:
210mm (L) * 210mm (W) * 125mm (H) 
Its size and weight are similar to ordinary pumpkin
The implication of pumpkii is:
It is a playmate who can accompany the growth of pets.


The Function of Pumpkii

Pumpkii comes with 120 ° Wide angle 720P HD camera.

The built-in two-way communication device can make voice calls with pets, and also record videos or screenshots.

At the same time, it also has night vision function, even if the pet owner is not at home at night, it can easily find pets.

Compared with ordinary cameras, pumpkii can move freely on the floor by operating the mobile app,

It has 360 ° Monitoring vision, pet owners can see what their pets are doing at any time.

Pumpkii also comes with three replaceable toys that can be easily controlled by sliding the upper end of the mobile app interface.

If you're worried that you can't find your pet through the camera, or that your pet is not familiar with fat man, you can't get close to him,

It doesn't matter. Pumpkii has a snack feeding function specially designed for pets. The snack tray in the back can hold 20 freeze-dried tablets. The owner can use the one button pop-up function of the mobile app, and the freeze-dried tablets will automatically slide from the snack channel to the ground.


Operation and charging configuration of Pumpkii App


The use and configuration of the pumpkii app is very simple. You only need to download the App "Pumpkii" through the mobile App store

Then connect the mobile phone and the machine to the home Wi-Fi network at the same time, adapt the machine, and you can control the Pumpkii anywhere you have Internet access by using the IOS / Android application.

In addition, you can share the permissions of Pumpkii with your family and friends, and share the daily life of your pet with them.


Pumpkii has 8-hour continuous endurance.

Standby time up to 3 days, only charge 3 hours. 

Pumpkii can continue to run at full power!


New products on shelves
The appearance of pumpkii makes up for the lack of companionship of pets on weekdays.
Use the camera to observe the pet's daily life, and use technology to pull in the distance between people and pets.
Make your love for pets easier!



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