What about pets at home alone? A device is easy to handle!

Before the holidays

presumably most shovel officials are going out to go back to their hometown

fat Ding often sees netizens asking in the background.

The question of whether you should take the cat home when you go out on vacation.

Fat Ding has a unified reply here.


don't let your cat change its place of residence frequently.

Don't let your cat stay in a small confined space for a long time.

Don't let your cat be in an anxious situation for a long time.


Maybe you think a few days of lonely life will make cats feel depressed.

In fact

cats are not as fragile as you think.



Maybe someone wants to say

what if I come home late?

Fat Ding is here to talk about his experience!


The shovel officer can leave the house before he leaves the house.

Prepare at least 2 litter pots for a single cat.

(Or use carton, washbasin instead)

2 food bowls, 4 water bowls

please invite specialized personnel or friends around on the platform.

2~3 days you can change water and food at your door and shovel excrement.


In addition to the above conditions

fat Ding also suggested shoveling officials

at least prepare1 camera

in this way, you can monitor your pets anytime and anywhere.

And don't worry about pets at home alone.

Will it be messing around? Will it be gloomy?

Do you eat food and drink water? Do you have parkour at home?

When an emergency is discovered

you can also ask for help from your friends at any time.


Fat Ding mentioned in his previous article

with the development of society and the progress of the times

pets have become an indispensable part of most modern people's lives.



But most pet owners will encounter the following problems:

what if I suddenly want to suck a cat on my way to work?

What if you go out and worry about your pet being injured by playing?

What if you want to supervise their diet when you are not at home for a long time?

What if you worry about your pet "tearing down" at home?


If you have the above concerns

fat Ding Jianyang pet people can start with a surveillance camera.

You can see the movements of pets anytime and anywhere.

Solve your little concerns




current surveillance cameras generally have

surveillance video, real-time calls, housekeeping and other functions

except for sucking cats and dogs

the greater value of the camera still lies in the theft prevention at home.

It is a more practical household product.


The following is a common camera evaluation borrowed from Zhihu



can see

most electronic monitoring equipment is actually not expensive.

And have more complete functions

the only deficiency is

these cameras are for pets

only the functions of monitoring and dialogue

the monitoring range is relatively narrow and there is a blind field of vision.

There are no other pet-related accessory functions


at present, several pet companion robots are also available on the market.

It is specially designed for pets.

Can play with pets and feed snacks

operable monitoring equipment

pet owners can walk through mobile phone app

use front-end camera to find pet location



only relative to ordinary cameras

at present, pet accompanying robots on the market are expensive.

A piece of equipment costs more than 1,000 yuan.

Low cost performance


on the whole

camera is to use hardware to save time and cost.

Electronic equipment can save a lot of time with economic expenditure.

Even if you go out for a few days

let the pet stay at home without worrying too much.

Although the economic cost of one-time expenditure is higher

but these are durable goods

in addition to a small amount of consumables

subsequent expenditures are not high




don't say pet cameras are useless

A product must have its purchasability on the market.

Just to see if you realize

the convenience that buying it can bring you


in addition

if there is a demand for pet accompanying robots

but don't want to spend so much money

fat Ding robot!! Your first choice!

Professional Intelligent Pet Accompanying Robot



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