Do you think cats are really happy when they are alone at home?


As the pace of life continues to accelerate, the cat population is also expanding, when cats accompany us, it can also bring a lot of benefits.
But have you ever thought about it?
Do you know how much the cat will miss you when it is alone at home during our daily work hours?



Do cats have separation anxiety

Cats are good at climbing and jumping. Most of them like to live alone.

Are cats really solitary animals?

The answer is No.

As the human pet cats, they no longer need to worry about food, so their social attributes will become more and more strong.

Does that cat also have symptoms of separation anxiety?

The answer is yes!

Cat's separation anxiety disorder refers to:

When its owner is not around, suddenly appear nervous and emotional tension until the collapse of a mental state.The symptoms of separation anxiety in cats are more difficult to find than in dogs. When you go out, cats don't directly express "protest" by destroying things like dogs. They just keep barking.


Dr. Schwartz from the United States has done such an experiment:He followed 136 cats with typical separation anxiety symptoms for 10 years, during which time he evaluated the subjects.The results show that separation anxiety can cause a series of behavioral problems in cats:71% of cats have improper urination,35% had improper defecation, Destructive acts is 8.8%.These symptoms will only appear in the absence of the host environment!

If you find that every time you open the door you see the cat squatting by the door, it's likely that it's waiting for you.

When the cat appears this kind of behavior, it shows that it has been over dependent on you.

In fact, cats need to play games and mental stimulation very much. If cats lack these stimulation, they may become depressed. If a cat is alone for too long, they may not only become lonely, but also have health problems.

The performance of cat separation anxiety was as follows:

The act of producing excessive voice or demand.Cats often meow or need more attention than usual.This may be the cat because of the pressure of loneliness caused by a performance.

Excessive grooming:

Cats love to be clean. They often comb their hair, but if the cat combs too much, it may be a sign of separation anxiety.

Become destructive and aggressive:

If cats have too much energy to vent, they may become destructive or even aggressive because of boredom. For example, they may deliberately scratch furniture, knock over things on the table, or pee on the carpet.

Becoming lazy:

If cats are found sleeping more than usual, or they are usually lazy when they should be awake during the day, they may be on their way to depression.


How to solve the separation anxiety of cats?

Fixed normal work and rest time.

Eating, sleeping, going out and going home are fixed schedules, which can let cats know when their owners go out and go home, help them better adapt to separation and reduce anxiety performance. 

Create a good cat home environment:

Increase the vertical space, and prepare cat climbing frame and cat platform near the window or open space. When the cat is at a height, the field of vision will expand, which will make the cat feel very safe.

If you go out for a long time, it's better to prepare more toys for the cat to play and divert its attention.

Play more with cats:

Use toys like cat stick and infrared ray to interact with cats and improve their happiness.

Before going out and before going to bed at night, it's a golden time to play with cats.

A happy cat is not easy to feel anxious.



Leave the owner's smell behind:

When the cat's owner goes out, you can set up some clothes, shoes and other supplies with the owner's smell at home.

Let the cat always feel the owner's breath around, so as to feel at ease.


Find a little buddy for the cat:

Especially when the owner is away from home for a long time, it is usually easier for young cats to adapt.

If you decide to have a second cat, it is recommended that you choose a cat of similar age and personality, so that they are more likely to get along well. If you start with two cats, that would be great.



In addition to cats, owners will also have anxiety because the cat is at home alone, so pumpkii suggests that several cameras can be prepared at home to monitor the cat's condition at any time.



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